Water Features

Two of the most popular and exciting trends in landscaping today are ponds and water features. A pond can add a unique feature to even the smallest landscape. From tumbling waterfalls to trickling streams, Werbrich’s Landscaping is experienced in creating water gardens that our customers love.

Werbrich’s Landscaping installs ponds using the highest quality products available from Aquascapes Design Inc. Each pond is installed using a protective geotec underlayment and a 45-millimeter rubber liner. The lining is then completely covered with stone. All ponds include a skimmer, mechanical filter, biological filter and a high efficiency pump. This series of filtration systems keeps your pond clean and easy to maintain.

While waterfalls with ponds are extremely popular, many customers are finding that the pondless waterfall best meets their needs. The pondless waterfall has several distinct advantages over the traditional waterfall and pond layout:

  • More child & pet friendly
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Gives appearance of disappearing waterfall or stream
  • Less space required
  • Typically less expensive